Are Millions REALLY Going to Hell for Remarriage Adultery? How Do We Know?

What is Reformed Theology? Broadly speaking, Reformed theology includes any system of belief that traces its roots back to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century. Generally, Reformed theology holds to the authority of Scripture, the sovereignty of God, salvation by grace through Christ, and the necessity of evangelism. It is sometimes called Covenant theology because of its emphases on the covenant God made with Adam and the new covenant which came through Jesus Christ Luke Reformed theology teaches that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God, sufficient in all matters of faith and practice. Reformed theology teaches that God rules with absolute control over all creation.

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He holds degrees from Furman University B. Pastor Brunson is a gifted and faithful teacher whose messages combine sound, Biblical preaching and practical, candid application. His extensive historical knowledge provides context, insight, and understanding as he encourages his listeners to join him in becoming a student of God’s Word.

A well-known speaker and experienced minister, Mac was appointed president of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference in He is heard on numerous radio and television stations around the world weekly. He has authored numerous books including his Guidebook for Pastors.

Mar 02,  · The Deeper Waters Podcast is designed to bring the best interviews with the best apologetics scholars. The show is designed to answer questions, make disciples, encourage marriage, and help reach those who are disabled, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

Revelation 1 discusses how Christ is the Almighty God and the heart of the book of Revelation. Revelation 2 introduces us to seven letters. These letters were written to seven Christian churches that sprang up throughout Asia Minor, which is present-day Turkey. Watch Seven Churches on ADtv for more information Although these messages applied to the experiences of the specific churches they were written to, they are also prophetic of the experiences of the Church through the centuries.

Each of the letters also contains admonishments appropriate to God’s people in every age. We will concentrate largely on the prophetic aspects of the letters to the churches. John is told, “Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter” Revelation 1: This text reveals that John had seen the events described in visions, “which thou hast seen.

The letters have a then-time and an end-time application. These cities stood along one of the ancient postal Roman roads of that day, and, beginning at Ephesus, would have been visited in the order in which they are named. The distance between each is about 50 kilometres; a full day’s journey on foot.

Are Millions REALLY Going to Hell for Remarriage Adultery? How Do We Know?

The common argument is in bold, Tyler’s response is quoted, and my response follows Tyler’s comments. This is condescending at best. Not only do most people who do not take YEC views driven by textual concerns and a desire to follow what they see in the scriptures, this is also wildly problematic in its view of what science is. We could see this in the historical move from a flat earth three-tier cosmology common to all ANE cultures Israel included and a spherical globe earth.

Or do many of you think that the earth does indeed rest on literal pillars and is covered by a firm glass like dome called a firmament? Everyone in the ANE context of the OT would have read that in the same way we do comments about the sky being blue and the earth orbiting the sun.

Neal Doster on Voddie Baucham: The Permanence In terms of Republican presidential nominee John McCain, DeMoss spoke about the lack of enthusiasm within the evangelical circle for the candidate. Hagee said: “In his sermon, Hagee said, “Then God sent a hunter. A hunter is someone with a gun, and he forces you.

Sproul had truly cared about victims of domestic abuse he would have announced his change of mind on divorce for abuse a long time ago. As most of you are aware by now, R. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries died December 14th, I Jeff personally benefited greatly from his teaching ministry. There was however a vital point of practical theology besides infant baptism on which I parted ways with him.

Sproul taught that abuse was not biblical grounds for divorce.

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Stak Trek I can’t think of the last really good sci-fi movie I got to see. After a long wait, I can finally say Star Trek is that film. A trekkie for years, I had hoped that the film would live up to the hype. Abrams creator of Lost, Alias and yes Felicity Trek has returned. Using time travel to show us younger versions of the characters we are familiar with, we see a new take on the Trek mythos.

The Deeper Waters Podcast is designed to bring the best interviews with the best apologetics scholars. The show is designed to answer questions, make disciples, encourage marriage, and help reach those who are disabled, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

I found this post online at http: I have to confess, I was instantly transfixed. Their perfectly coiffed, sparkly-eyed, BEAMING visages in the little artsy thumbnail photo at the side of their website called to me, luring me in with an unspoken promise, that if I just listened to the wisdom of their teachings, I too could have good hair, cute clothes, and a life as wonderful as theirs. With the nagging sense that there was something just a bit creepily voyeuristic about my interest in the mundane details of their lives – I found myself clicking over to and reading with complete fascination their stories about their courtships, for instance – I nonetheless could hardly tear myself away from my computer so that I could go start dinner.

Still others thought that no one could top the wisdom of Carolyn herself. My SG friends seemed to derive much encouragement from what they found there. And when we were new to all things Sovereign Grace, I thought I did, too. Back when I first stumbled on their blog, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with any of this. Or so I thought. The other day, though, I had reason to return to their site. Once again, I found myself quickly sucked in to the appeal of their ideas.

But then…well… I also noticed this undertone to their posts, this assumption, that not only are homemaking skills important and worthy of being passed on to our daughters.

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Water, water, water, everywhere. What else do you expect? I am a Baptist, and I live in the land of the mighty Victoria Falls! But then the greatest shock comes when you discover that almost everyone around you believes that those things are true. This is the shock I got when I recently heard about the concept of spiritual husbands sometimes called spirit husbands or night husbands and spiritual wives. My wife and I were driving from visiting a home in the evening when I turned on the car radio and tuned to a local radio station.

Thanks for your question, Page Fan. You raise many issues in your question, and the response can get lengthy in a hurry. Since it’s a question many have, I’d like to give you a quick answer about the events that solidified the heaven-or-hell heart knowledge for “standerinfamilycourt”, and give you a couple of resources to digest on your own.

Posted on Fri Sep 16, by deb September 21, “D6 is more than a conference: It will take place next week in the Dallas metroplex. Perhaps you are wondering why this conference suddenly came onto our radar screen. I recently discovered that the producer of the video Divided mentioned at the end of yesterday’s post has been “disinvited” to the D6 Conference.

The only time I have ever heard of someone being “disinvited” to a conference was last May when Ken Ham was given the left boot of fellowship from a Christian homeschool conference. Just what is D6? The conference name centers around Deuteronomy 6:


Here are 10 thought-provoking quotes of his from different sermons and interviews if you want to hear one of his interviews, click here: On biblical relationships… In the Bible you have betrothal, you have marriage, you have relationships between individuals who intend to marry. You get involved before you evaluate. I went to the car lot and I took this car home. On the desire to be married… God is the one who awakens in us a yearning and a desire to be married.

R.C. Sproul Changed His View on Abuse as Grounds for Divorce – but to our knowledge he never publicly announced that change. Jeff Crippen and Barbara Roberts ♦ December 19, ♦ 27 Comments. If R.C. Sproul had truly cared about victims of domestic abuse he would have announced his change of mind on divorce for abuse a long time ago.

Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Covenant wife divorced me early nineties. Fast foward 15 years and she left again. This time as reading the bible and studying the blinders came off. Now back to standing for covenant marriage altho cov wife seems to have had a very blessed marriage. Sometimes I think if I had married one week after I would have had a good marriage and hers would have been bad.

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Some people make faithfulness a hallmark of their human relationships, but the faithfulness that matters most is the faithfulness we show towards God. He does what He promises to do. Moreover, because God is faithful, we dare have courage to trust Him and His promises.

Today’s sermon is from U2’s Bono, From Bono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas: Look, the secular response to the Christ story always goes like this: he was a great prophet, obviously a very interesting guy, had a lot to say along the lines of other great prophets, be they Elijah, Muhammad, Buddha, or .

The gold-bordered robe and turban are very nice. I also appreciated his kindness toward the Christian apologist DrOakley to whom he was responding. The person in the video mujtahid uses three main arguments: There are two seemingly relevant alleged sayings in the Hadith, and the person in the video seems to be relying on the following one: But to answer the man in the video, we do are not persuaded that this account in the Hadith is genuine — i.

The bottom line is that it is not in the Koran. It is not an account that claims to be handed down from Allah, and to be unchanged. Does not the knowledge which has come to you prevent you from asking them about anything? No, by Allah, we have never seen any man from them asking you regarding what has been revealed to you!

Here Mohamed is described as saying that Muslims should not investigate the Bible, because they have newer revelation. Again, of course, this is not taken from Koran, but from the Hadith. It seems that this would, however, be the better quotation to provide to rebut the fact that early Muslims did not allege corruption of the Bible.

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